Harry Potter Amino Review + What Got Me into Blogging

I got into this app, called 9 3/4 Amino (Harry Potter amino), last month. It’s been 35 days since I registered, I know because you can see it there! Here:


What brought me to 9 3/4 Amino? Well I was browsing Instagram and saw a Harry Potter fan account that has a caption something like “Add me in 9 3/4 Amino”. Yeah, something like that…

When I saw the ‘9 3/4’, I immediately thought about Harry Potter! Why? All Potterheads know why!

So I downloaded it, because I was looking for a good/great Harry Potter app.


It’s named 9 3/4 Amino but when you download it, it will be Harry Potter.

It looks like this when you open it:



So I signed up… only to see that it is some kind of a blogging app, where you write ANY Harry Potter related stuff. I initially thought it’s boring.

UNTIL, I saw this magazine at Amino that’s looking for a writer and a graphic/fan artist.

I knew I’m not right one for the job. Because of that, I thought ‘why don’t I look for an RP (Roleplay) job here? So, I searched in some newspapers etc. But it’s just so hard!

Anyway, there’s a newspaper, magazine, schools, departments etc. in Harry Potter amino… It’s not like a REAL paper, you might get it wrong!


Because of my said event, I thought of making a newspaper that’s all about job ads so the witches, wizards, and muggle-borns can easily find a job or a school or even a quidditch team!


I named it after The Daily Prophet, switched the Prophet with Hunter since it is for ‘job hunters’.

This is other things you can do at any Amino app:


When many responded to my QA and Blog, I got motivated!

Then I after that, I made a Durmstrang Institute at Harry Potter Amino since there’s already a Hogwarts and Beauxbatons school.


That, my friends, is what got me into blogging! I’ve met some amazing people and friends from different parts of the world! Which is, of course, really cool!

One of the people I met was Kath, she writes such great blogs! She inspired me most to starting my wordpress blog, along with purplependulum who also never fails to write amazing blogs! So if you ever made a Harry Potter Amino account, be sure to follow them! They are also very generous to giving advice when it comes to blogging and everything!

Aaand that’s it! 9 3/4 Amino turned out to be the best Harry Potter app out there, for all the dedicated Potterheads who wish to share and express their love for all things Harry Potter and to meet other Potterheads from all over the world!

This app is available for IPhone and Android

Do you want me to make another review of another Amino app? Next week I will make a review of LOTR (Lord of the Rings) Amino!

Comment here what you wish for me to review! Be it a TV show, a movie, a radio show, a personality, an app, and of course a book!


No one encouraged me into writing, but now, I’m going to do it because this is what satisfies me. Because I enjoy this! And you know what, I’ve decided that I’m going to write because it makes me happy.


That’s all!
See you next week, and have a blessed week, everyone! Always!

Your inspiration,

Fleur Franciscus




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